8 police arrested for corruption and fraud

Police officer arrested for corruption
Eight police officers including a retired general has been arrested for on multiple charges including fraud, corruption, theft and money laundering. National police N Sithole has established anti-corruption task team, following a serious allegations of corruption and related crimes dating back on 2017 they are expected to appear on various court soon. National police spoke person Vish Naidoo said that “eight members and the former retired lieutenant general of South African as well as six private citizens were arrested following serious series of corruption and alleged to crimes which dates back 2017, into tender fraud related to the making of police vehicles or the branding of police vehicles, retired lieutenant general as well as company directors and employees are alleged to be involved in an elaborate act to defraud the state, this suspects has been arrested at the respective premises in various areas including Pretoria centurion and Durban”.

One person has been killed while two other has been injured in suspicious gang violence shouting at Hannover park in Cape flat members of the metro police and technical respond unit where on patrol when they gun shootings in the area. Spoke person Ruth Solomon says the officers has found fetial wounded man on the ground while two others has to be hospitalized.
“The officers then track the shouters to a resident in lanstont road with the help of the community they were found in position of Z88 fire arms with two magazines and ammunition, the 22 years old suspect was transported….. and charged with dentation murder, attempted murder, for position of prohibited fire arm and position of an un-licenced fire arm”.

Meanwhile the Port-Elizabeth high court has sentenced two men to 25 years behind bars in jail, 5 years suspended for the murder of the elderly women from Comer Park in 2018. 86 years Aunt Smith was brutally assaulted when Sizwe Jika and Junior Lungisa broke into her house. She later passed away in hospital, Sizwe Jika is currently in 16 years sentenced for 16 incidences for house break-in between January 2011 till July 2018, he is also linked two others murder cases committed in May and July 2018 and he is expected in court in a month time.